• Presented by the Waller Creek Conservancy, Creek Show is designed to celebrate downtown Austin's Waller Creek and bring awareness to the transformation coming to the creek, trails and surrounding parks. During Creek Show, everyone is invited to experience the creek in a safe, fun, family-friendly environment.


    The event launched in 2014 as a one-night event and returns this year in an expanded, nine-night format. Five art installations designed by local artists, architects, and landscape architects are the main attraction and may be viewed November 12-21, 2015. Because they are all light-based, the installations are best viewed at night and are all located along Waller Creek between 5th St and 8th St. This section of the creek is home to many local businesses who are partnering with the Waller Creek Conservancy to make Creek Show a success.


    Check out our installation, "Volume," below then be sure to join us next month and see Waller Creek in a whole new light!


  • Just yards off the beach, this home on Long Beach Island will be a perfect getaway - for all seasons! More photos soon...


  • We're making great progress this summer and couldn't wait to share these brand-new photos from Santa Fe!


  • You can now find Specht Harpman's NYC office at 1123 Broadway, Suite 312.
    We're looking forward to unpacking and exploring our new neighborhood!

  • Having one of those great days when even the demolition is beautiful!
  • We're so pleased to reveal a few photos of our newest project, Casa Xixim - a breathtaking house on Soliman Bay, Tulum. And don't be fooled - Casa Xixim is not just beautiful, it's brainy too! The house is powered by a photovoltaic canopy that shades a large rooftop terrace, which collects rainwater that's filtered and stored for use. Other roof areas are planted with native species to provide insulation and screening. Further, all waste is processed through a digester and artificial wetlands system. Casa Xixim is an ecoluxe, grid-tied, net-neutral house that truly works in harmony with its gorgeous surroundings.

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