The Smithsonian "accessions" the Specht Harpman coffee lid collection!


Screen shot 2012-05-09 at 8.13.02 AM.png


As many of our friends and fans know, we have the largest collection of independently-patented coffee lids in America. And we are always looking for new lids, so keep sending them our way.


But there's news! We made history. THE SMITHSONIAN has "accessioned" over 50 lids from our collection. The humble white disks will be part of the Division of Work and Industry. But don't be alarmed — the collection is still complete. We had dupes of all the lids we gave to the Smithsonian.

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1 Comment

Found your name in the MACLEANS.COM March 2, 2011, article, "Tim Horton's Double Dribble". Your collection is impressive, but I do not see a FoamAroma lid.

Would you like some samples of my new FoamAroma lid which is Made In USA and was first produced in December, 2011? And yes, it is patented.

Some coffee shops in the NY area use FoamAroma and some shops in Austin may soon be using FoamAroma.